How to get nGENE Tech
Setting up Visual Studio

  1. Basic topics
    1. Creating first scene
    2. A more complicated example
    3. Adding user input
    4. Setting up user interface (DRAFT)
    5. Basic physics
    6. Basic scripting
    7. Details on material system
  2. Intermediate topics
    1. Creating particle systems
    2. Landscapes rendering
    3. Post-processing effects
    4. Basic animation
    5. Using joints
  3. Advanced topics
    1. Advanced animation - ragdoll
    2. Advanced animation - IK
    3. Extending nGENE - example with camera
    4. Creating plugins
    5. Materials list

  1. Tips & Tricks

  1. Artists and designers
    1. Toolset - getting started guide (DRAFT)
    2. Creating nGENE friendly assets

Note: tutorials are always compiled against the most recent nGENE Tech release available in the SVN repository. If you want to stick to them you should update your working copy.

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