Materials list

Here is the list of all materials available in nGENE Tech. Please note that some of the internal materials (like light or shadows related) are not included in this list. Also materials sharing same shaders (like normalMap and crate) but having different parameters are not listed below. The materials from the list are situated in the default.lib material library provided with nGENE Tech.

Name Description Stage Parameters
noPost A simple material - only diffuse colour information (no normals) Scene
normalMap Normal mapping material Scene
parallaxMap Parallax mapping material Scene
parallaxOcclusionMap Parallax occlusion mapping Scene
terrain Terrain material Scene
fur Fur material using shells technique Scene
antialias Antialiasing post-processing material Post
blackAndWhite Black and white post-processing material Post
bleach Bleach post-processing material Post
bloom Bloom post-processing material Post
coolify Makes colours of the scene cooler Post
depthOfField Depth-of-Field post-processing material Post
distanceHeatHaze Heat haze material Post
dotCel Cartoon style material Post
edgeDetection Detects edges of the scene Post
fog Fog post-processing material Post
glow Glow post-processing material Post
grading_high_contrast Enhances contrast of the scene Post
grading_invert Inverts colours of the scene Post
grading_low_contrast Decreases contrast of the scene Post
grading_orange_and_teal Applies orange & teal effect to the scene Post
inverse Inverts colours of the scene Post
lightning Material used by lightnings Post
monochrome Changes the scene to have only two colours Post
makeTiles Pixelizes the input scene to imitate low resolution graphics or tiles Post
nightVisionDevice Adds night vision device effect to the scene Post
oldMovie Scene have old movie look Post
orwig Orwig effect Post
pencilStroke The scene looks like drawn with a pencil Post
radialBlur Radial blur effect Post
saturation Changes saturation of colour of the scene Post
selectiveColouring Applies black and white to the scene but leaves some colours Post
sepia Changes the scene to have sepia look Post
sobelFilter Sobel filter post-processing material Post
ssao Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Post
thermalVision Thermal vision effect (warm areas have warmer colour) Post
vintageLook Gives scene vintage look (washed out colours) Post
warmify Makes colours of the scene warmer Post
water Water material Post
waterColor The scene looks like a water colour paining Post
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