Setting up Visual Studio

Installing dependencies

First and foremost you will need several external libraries installed on your PC. These include:

  • FastDelegate which you can get here.
  • PhysX (version 2.8.3 or newer) which can be downloaded here. Note that you will also probably need drivers which can be obtained from the very same site.
  • Xerces which is available here. Remember that you need version for 32-bit Windows.
  • Lua which can be downloaded from here and LuaBind available here.
  • FMOD which can be downloaded from here.

All dependencies apart PhysX could be also downloaded from here.

After getting all of these to you disk, install them in nGENE/Dependencies folder so they will be easily available for us.


Special care must be taken when installing PhysX. After you finish setup, copy all libs and includes (found in SDKs folder in your PhysX installation) to nGENE/Dependencies/PhysX directory. Make sure .lib files are put at the top of it. Includes folders, however should follow a structure provided by NVidia with exception that there are no "include" subdirectiories.

For instance you should put contents of SDKs/Foundation/include in nGENE/Dependencies/Foundation.

Configuring Visual Studio project settings

Now you're ready to configure additional libraries and includes.

  1. Open your project settings.
  2. Go to C/C++ -> General tab and add this to "Additional Include Directories" field: "..\Dependencies\Xerces\include;..\nGENE Framework;..\nGENE Proj;..\Dependencies\FastDelegate".
  3. Now move to C/C++ -> Preprocessor tab and type in "Preprocessor Definitions": "WIN32;NDEBUG;_CONSOLE".
  4. Now let's setup linker settings. Move to Linker -> General tab and put "../lib/release;../Dependencies/Xerces/lib" in the "Additional Library Directories" field.
  5. Also in Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies put "nGENE.lib Framework.lib xerces-c_2.lib".

These settings are for "release" configuration. In debug change "release" into "debug" and change libraries names into: "nGENE_d.lib Framework_d.lib xerces-c_2D.lib". Also NDEBUG in preprocessor definitions have to be changed to _DEBUG.

Finally you are able to start game development using nGENE!

Note: above applies to Visual C++ 8.0 and 9.0 versions (2005 and 2008). Earlier releases are not guaranteed to work. Also it may be possible to build on different compilers. Give it a try.

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