Demos and games

Here you can download various nGENE Tech demos and games made by the nGENE Team. All demos require nGENE default material set and all binaries - get it here. These applications present different techniques available to achieve with nGENE.

Note: to get these samples before official nGENE Tech 0.1.1 release download them from SVN repository

Demo name Techniques presented Files download
Furry bunny
Simple demo presenting use of fins and shells texturing fur technique. Download demo
Download source
Demo presenting how to use force fields to achieve interesting effects (in this example - vortex). available soon
Demo presenting how to use orthogonal rendering to achieve 2D look of a game.
Also post-processing is used to achieve Non-Photorealistic Rendering style of the graphics.
available soon
Demo presenting how to use Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Effect.
available soon
Swaying palm
Demo presenting simple vegetation animation.
available soon
Light Shafts
Demo presenting light shafts (God rays) phenomenon.
available soon
Virtual File System
Demo presenting how to load resources from one large compressed archive file instead from hundreds of smaller ones.
Also in this demo another archive is created and loaded.
available soon
Demo presenting how to use 3D sound in nGENE.
Also this demo shows how to use physics collision reports.
available soon
Lightning Bolts
Demo presenting how to use ligtning bolts effect in nGENE.
Also this demo shows how to use frame listeners.
available soon
Tropical Island
Official nGENE Tech tech demo.
Download demo
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