I'm 23yrs old software developer from Poland mainly focused on engines, graphics and game programming. For a short period I was working in the industry but I soon left due to some reasons. I was working on several games titles (amateur and professional):

  • Bitter Glory (indie turned based strategy focused on WW II)
  • C.O.R.E. by NoWay Studio
  • Afterfall by Intoxicate Interactive (now Intoxicate Nicolas Games)
  • Kemi-Ambaron: the Prophecy (amateur RPG project)

To find out more about me (including my full CV) visit: my devlog.

Should you have any questions or proposals do not hesitate to mail me on moc.liamg|wnamot#moc.liamg|wnamot.

If you want to co-operate with me give just let me know. Artists are especially welcome.

Currently I'm looking for job in gamedev. If you're looking for employees I'll be grateful for info.

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