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Welcome to nGENE Tech, free 3D game engine, homepage. To learn more about the engine read What is nGene page where some of the core features are listed. To get it, go to the downloads. Also visit tutorials section to learn how to use it.

There is also nGENE Tech devlog out there.

IMPORTANT: At the moment there is no download available. It should be available again in the beginning of 2012. Visit my personal blog for updates.

IMPORTANT: Presentation showing how to implement nGENE water technique is available here.
IMPORTANT: nGENE YouTube channel is available here.
IMPORTANT: There is also my personal blog where I describe algorithms and techniques used.

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The project is temporary ceased development. The original owner is working on other stuff.
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Whenever I open up the nGene editor, I get one of two things. Either it displays an error message...
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Hi, i discovered this project some times ago, and i am very happy to see that it still alive,...
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